Sabtu, 01 Agustus 2009


If your business is selling product to large numbers of people,you need to have some idea of who's most likely to buy and how you can encourage them to do so.Think for a minute about some of the products you've sen advertised.Who were these items created for?What would make someone buy a paricular brand? The answer to these questions are of the concern to consumer behavior researchers.They want to know how people decide to spend money,credit,and time;what goods,services,and ideas attract people and why;when,where,and how consumers purchase and use products; and who or what influences decisions.Today,marketing is a complex cycle that never ends.The importance of advertising in the promotional mix is clear. Sales promotion is essentially a nonpersonl approach to promotion and is primarily used to "pull" products through channels of distribution..Promotion is basically the sellers way of informing,persuading,and influencing prospective buyers and is intended to stimulate consumers to buy a product or use a service
.Finally,after studying these article,you should be able to develop and explain the importance and purpose of promotion.Jakarta,August 2,2009.,